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#071: Laura Kendrick – A Master’s degree in Creative Writing, fan fiction, and being authentically you.

January 22, 2021

Laura Kendrick is a Manchester based multi genre author with a love of the strange and unusual.

After years of putting off publishing properly (and one slightly failed attempt in 2018), in 2021 she hopes to finally unleash her madness on the world.

This year will see the release of the swashbuckling fantasy adventure novels The Silverdeer Chronicles 1 & 2, plus a dystopian YA novel called Collarless.

She is in the process of getting her Masters in Creative Writing and starting a podcast with fellow author Samantha Frost.

Alongside writing she is the proud owner of a small menagerie and the complete collection of Diagnosis Murder Episodes and Diagnosis Murder Books.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Laura's writing journey so far…
  • Studying Creative Writing (MA)
  • First experiments in self-publishing
  • Current projects
  • What Laura learned writing her first novel
  • Using movies as inspiration
  • Fan fiction
  • Handling criticism
  • Being authentically you
  • NaNoWriMo Bootcamp
  • Writing communities
  • The Ma’am Aight Queens podcast

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