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#074: Michelle Raab – The psychology of writing and selling and redefining the world of work and family.

February 12, 2021

Michelle Raab is not the biggest fan of talking about herself unless you ask her about what her current passion project is, then she’ll talk your ear off. If she’s into something, she’s all in. She is currently working on a sci fi dystopian novel, has founded a group of indie creatives called the World Indie Warriors, is a branding and marketing consultant for indie creatives and freelancers, and is a middle-aged mom of a preschooler. So yeah. She’s tired. She holds a doctorate in psychology, does photography, and loves to play with graphic design. She loves fantasy and sci-fi and sappy love stories. Her favorite trope is friends to lovers, which is by no coincidence how she found the love of her life.

In this episode, we go deep into:

  • Writing dystopian fiction - how people adhere to traditions or rules without questioning why
  • Her background in psychology and how the principle of asking why people do what they do is common to psychologists and writers
  • Inspiration from history
  • Using her experience as a psychologist to get into the heads of her characters and drawing on her experience to make her characters relatable and realistic
  • When an author’s poor grasp of basic psychology interferes with her enjoyment of a book as a reader
  • How most writers have an intuitively good understanding of people
  • The psychology of buying and selling and how this helps as a marketer
  • Start with yourself as a reader in order to understand buying behaviour
  • Appealing to readers in a niche, rather than the mainstream/bestsellers
  • Embracing the quirky and unusual and appealing to them
  • Why chasing the market isn’t necessarily a sustainable approach
  • The founding of World Indie Warriors as a collective in the style of 1920s creative salons
  • Crowdsourcing promotion and gathering a supportive network
  • Her vision for the future of WIW as a non-profit
  • Bringing authors and readers together and how art isn’t complete until someone sees it
  • Her advice for work at home parents - winging it one day at a time
  • Letting go of old ideas of what it is to be “professional” and the blending of work and life
  • How sci-fi explores current events more than exploring ideas for the future
  • Fiction’s ability to make us think about deeper issues

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