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#075: J Benjamin – Learning from your failures, writing authentic LQBTQ+ characters, and networking with authors.

February 19, 2021

J. Benjamin is a sci-fi writer with a passion for space opera and aliens. He’s been writing since the 7th grade. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that he published his first novel, A Spacetime Tale.

J.’s love for understanding the universe started as a kid, growing up in South Florida, watching the space shuttles take off from his backyard. He studied at the University of Arizona, which only deepened his curiosity for science.

J. loves to imagine what is possible. He looks at the Universe, the pictures from Hubble, and likes to believe there is something beyond them other than static photos of stars and nebulae. When not busy writing, J works in the tech industry. His passions include yoga, running, rowing and Worms multiplayer. Burritos and Middle Eastern are his go-to cuisines.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Why J loves the Worms video game
  • How J’s author journey began
  • J’s journey from fantasy to science fiction
  • What it looks like to take writing seriously for the first time
  • How to overcome failure and keep moving forward
  • Following where the trails go, despite nothing seeming to go as planned
  • They key to understanding your genre
  • J’s influences in science-fiction
  • How to project a possible future and place it in your fiction
  • Paying attention to current political and technological advancements to inform your writing
  • Why it’s important to include LGBTQ+ characters in your work where possible
  • How to include LQBTQ+ characters in an authentic way
  • How J has built his reader fanbase
  • How to network with other authors
  • Why J writes

J answers questions from Patrons:

David Hines: I have read that in Sci-fi, the science needs to be accurate/believable. Is this essential or can something just be made up, not fully explained and still work for the story?

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