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#079: Jennifer Anne Gordon – Gothic horror, winning the Kindle Award, and experimenting in all mediums.

March 19, 2021

Jennifer Anne Gordon was born a strange, pale, and quiet child, a ghost scared of ghosts.... Originally from New Hampshire, she studied acting at The New Hampshire Institute of Art. She grew up to become an actress, magician's assistant, artist, writer, dancer, and muse. She currently haunts lonely places in New Hampshire, though she is not dead.

Her debut novel, "Beautiful, Frightening, and Silent," earned Jennifer the Kindle Award for Best Horror/Suspense 2020, the Best Horror 2020 in the Authors on the Air Awards, and was a finalist for both the American Book Fest's Best Book Award Horror 2020, and the Authors on the Air Book of the Year.

In this episode we go deep into:

  • Jennifer’s dancing history and how it influences her writing
  • How being a Pantser of Dance formed her witing process
  • How her 7th grade bullies helped her craft
  • Her experimentation with different styles of writing from poetry to journalism
  • How she, ‘Broke through the barrier’ to start writing her first novel
  • Why it’s always horror and how ‘Pet Cemetery’ and ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ were her genesis
  • What drew her to horror as a child and her influences
  • What her intentions were when writing her debut novel
  • How PitMad kicked her in the pants to get her book ‘out there’
  • Her views on going back to a finished project
  • The creative process through the drafts of her books
  • Her journey from idea to award winning novel
  • What being an award-winning writer does to self-expectations
  • Why an author brand is important
  • What art means to Jennifer and how it has helped her throughout her creative journey so far and how she continues to use it
  • How she approaches character research for historical horror

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